The polyethylene (more commonly known as polyethylene, less as polythene) is the most simple synthetic polymer and it’s the most common one among the plastic materials.

It is often indicated with the abbreviation “PE” as well as for example “PS” for the polystyrene or “PVC” for the polyvinylchloride or “PET” for the polyethyleneterephthalate. In the chemical formula (-CH2H4-)n the degree of polymerization n reaches several million.

The chains may be of variable length and more or less branched.

The Polyethylene is a thermoplastic resin, it looks like a transparent solid (amorphous form) or white (crystalline form) with excellent insulating properties and chemical stability. It is very versatile and it is one of the cheapest plastic material; the most common uses are as insulation for electrical cables, films for agriculture, bags and plastic bags, containers of different types, pipes, inner layer of aseptic boxes for food liquids (“Tetra Pack Aseptic”) and further more.